"About 3 years ago we applied Ceratech Coatings to the outside of
certain of our wine tanks.

We are extremely happy with the temperature reductions achieved
and can only emphasise and testify that these reductions are in line
with the commercial information handed over at the time of order.

The second and most important issue that we wanted to address was
the rust prevention of the steel This has been achieved with flying
colours. Until this moment we have not had any problems anymore
in this regard.

Meerlust is, as you know, a top quality wine producing establishment
where we never compromise on quality. We are proud we did not
compromise for the Ceratech Ceramic Coating.

We wish you all the best for the future and will not hesitate to give a positive reference to our colleagues."

G Dalla Cia
Meerlust Winery


How do I apply Ceratech to smaller areas?

Application to smaller areas is simple and straight-forward. All the rules that apply to painting a normal roof apply to Ceratech, except that each coat is applied at twice the normal thickness to achieve a coverage rate of 500 µm - ½ mm. When preparing the surface to be painted, besides removing all dirt and loose paint by wire-brushing or high pressure water blasting, it is advisable to kill off all fungus spores by washing with a bleach solution (sodium hypochlorite) - buy in bulk from your local industrial chemicals supplier.

Do I need a primer?

Applying a primer is recommended in most cases - the primer vastly improves the life-expectancy of the coating.
For IBR or corrugated iron, abrade red-rust spots to bright metal and apply a rust-converting primer. Prime entire surface with a galvanised-iron primer. Asbestos and cement-based tiles should be primed with a bonding primer. Polycarbonate sheeting should be thoroughly abraded. No primer required.

What are the best times of day for application?

Apply CERATECH only on a warm, dry day for best results. Wait until after 10am if there is any sign of dew.
Do not apply after 4pm.

How thick should the coating be?

CERATECH is a barrier and therefore the film thickness is important. It is better to go on thicker. Spreading it too
thinly defeats the purpose of the the application. See our Coverage Calculation page.

What brushes should I use?

We recommend Hamilton Brushes - see their website

When do I need a contractor?

Large roof areas are best undertaken by a roofing contractor with the correct equipment for blast
cleaning and spraying.

I just looked at your video regarding keeping the heat out but what happens in the cold winter time when the sun can’t heat things up anymore?

CERATECH is a barrier coating, preventing heat from moving into a cold area. In winter, the heat inside the building is prevented from moving outside into the cold. In summer the heat outside is prevented from moving inside into the cool building.

What is the surface preparation for clay roof tiles (Marseilles)?

High pressure water cleaning with a fungicidal wash


Can I apply Ceratech to Shipping Containers?

Yes. The container surfaces should be well cleaned (high pressure water) followed by abrading with sandpaper to remove all loose material. Rust spots should be spot-primed with a zinc phosphate primer.


What is the preparation for application to roofs?

The roof surfaces should be well cleaned (high pressure water) followed by abrading with sandpaper to remove all loose material. Rust spots should be spot-primed with a zinc phosphate primer. Normally no primer is necessary if the roof is new or in perfect condition.


What is the standard coverage of Ceratech?

CERATECH coverage is 4 sq/m per litre. Two coats are required to achieve a wft of 500Ám  

What is the spread rate per litre (on Marseilles tiles)?

2 sq/m per litre

Where in my area can I get the product?

We ship direct from our factory in Cape Town, nationally anywhere in South Africa or to certain qualifying countries.
Please feel free to contact us to find out if we can ship to your country.

What if I need more information?

If you have any additional questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

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